• Savannah College of Art and Design, MFA Fashion Design, expected graduation in 2022
  • University of California, San Diego, BS Biochemistry/Chemistry, graduated in 2019


Trainee – Yuxuange Fashion Studio, Beijing, China (2019.07 – 2019.08)

  • Made patterns for customer designs.
  • Helped with sewing muslin garments, making adjustments, and steaming outfits.
  • Assisted in choosing and purchasing fabrics.

Student Artist – Annual Undergraduate Art Show of UC San Diego, San Diego, CA (2018.05 – 2018.06)       

  • Exhibited one sculpture at University Art Gallery as one of the twenty-three student artists.
  • In line with the celebration of the department’s 50 year anniversary, 2018’s exhibition aims to investigate the convergence of histories in the context of place.

Designer Assistant – LA Fashion Week, Los Angeles, CA (2018.03 – 2018.03)

  • Assisted Betty Tran’s group in steaming haute couture, organizing outfits, and making repairs to stretched dresses.
  • Helped with setting up backstage and runway.
  • Worked with designers to dress models and prepare jewelries.

Volunteer – Society Fashion Week, Los Angeles, CA (2018.03 – 2018.03)

  • Helped with guests check-in, question answering, and runway set-up.
  • Provided assistance for designers and models, including assigning garments and shoes.

Volunteering Artist – Student Services Center, UCSD, San Diego, CA (2018.02 – 2018.03)

  • Designed and painted the mural for the Triton Day in April, 2018.

On-going Exhibition – Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, UCSD, San Diego, CA (2017.11 – Present)

  • Have one painting on exhibition at the Student Affairs Office.

Exhibition Curator – Risk Exhibition at Adam D. Kamil Gallery, San Diego, CA (2017.11 – 2017.12)

  • Developed and finalized the exhibition proposal, helped design the exhibition poster.
  • Assisted in installing artworks.

Researcher – Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena, Germany (2017.07 – 2017.08)

  • Practiced operation of column chromatography, rotovap, and NMR measurements.
  • Helped synthesize required polymers and clean lab glasswares without supervision.

Trainee – UCSD Early Childhood Education Center, San Diego, CA (2016.09 – 2016.12)

  • Designed and implemented three early childhood education curriculums that aim to facilitate children’s learning process.
  • Compiled a travel handbook suitable for four-year-old children.

Research Assistant – Shandong Provincial Institute of Materia Medica, Jinan, China (2016.07 – 2016.08)                          

  • Measured experimental spectra and analyzed the excipient’s impact on drug’s absorption in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry.
  • Helped optimize the proportion of excipients and compressed sample tablets.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Clip Studio Paint (Illustration Software)
  • Hand-drawing
  • Pattern Making
  • Sewing
  • Cello (previous member of Shandong Provincial Youth Philharmonic Orchestra)